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I noticed a strange, fiery, movement in the night sky. "That's a weird shooting star..." I thought to myself. There was a bright burst. As I stared, eyes glistening, I felt as if the glowing object was moving closer and closer to Earth. Standing in awe, I felt a slight warmth upon my face, getting hotter with every passing second. I watch the blazing object crash to Earth, causing a distant explosion. I think to myself "It's gotta be less than a mile away!". I skate as fast as I can down the pitch black, endless, North Dakota road, praying to not hit any rocks. I slowly make my way through the field. Soon I see smoldering debris surrounding what seems to be a deep crater. As I approach, my heart beating rapidly, I shine my Larry 2 flashlight into the pit. I see a twinkle at the very bottom. Something is definitely down there. I think to myself, "This crater isn't too steep, I can probably make it." I carefully inch my way down the warm crater wall. It appears to be a metal, spherical, object. On my hands and knees, I slowly move forward, feeling heat radiate off of the small metallic orb. Now face to face with the intergalactic object, I can hear movement from within. Something is inside of this thing. A mechanical hole appears and quickly gives birth to what appears to be a long alien worm. I back away as the worm violently whips and squirms in the dirt making sounds of pain. A thick goo slowly squirts forth from both ends of the worm then stops. Making choking sounds, it appears as if something could be lodged within its body. I stare and ponder what should be done. Does it need help? I grab the worm and gently squeeze. I can feel four round objects within its body. I try squeezing a little harder, moving each object closer to the end opening of the worm. My hands and knees covered in slime and dirt, I extract the four, smooth, round objects from the alien body. The worm feels colder than it did before. Could it be dying? I notice the four objects start to glow, rattle, then begin to hover. Grabbing my skateboard, I stand and start to back away up the crater wall. The glowing, hovering objects lunge towards me. At the last second I am able to block them with my skateboard. The impact throws me back, up, and out of the crater. Laying in the grass, I check myself for injuries. I'm still alive? I quickly scan the area for the mysterious, glowing, round objects. They don't seem to be around. Then I notice a faint glow in the tall grass. I part the grass to reveal my skateboard. It seems as if the alien objects have fused to, or completely taken the form of my wheels. This is how Mondo Vertical was born.

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